New Breed Of Destruction

from by Infernal Diatribe



New breeds of destruction all following the crowd.
Full minds of consumption way too eager and proud.
Against fucking nothing, white sheep in the fence.
Stay locked in their fashion while the poles get fucked and bent.

All you’ve become is another stain on the earth.
Full of fucking shit. Too scared to discover.
All that you know is what you’ve all been fucking told.
A headful of lies. Too afraid to break the mold.

A dull breed of conformists in line to drink the punch.
Wide eyed and willing. A generation on puppet strings.
Brought up to play it safe in a world that’s full of hate.
Can’t seem to change the face of this new human race.

A new sense of complacency.
Turned backs against the breed.
Dead kids with dumb ideas think they’re the next best thing.
Clogged heads with inside jokes. Elitist little fucking cunts.
You can’t take this away.
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t let you.


from Admission Of Guilt, released March 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Infernal Diatribe Dover, New Hampshire

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