Admission Of Guilt

from by Infernal Diatribe



Act as the face of kindness and love
A misleading fraud to which they look up
To easy to see exterior falsehood
Behind your walls you’re up to no good
Lead by example, you lead like a fuck
High in the clouds your head remains stuck
I will not attest, accept, or respect
Your fairytale world that you live to perfect

Admission of guilt
Living with instinct, not to pretend
Admission of guilt
Nobody’s perfect, bring this to an end

A statue of virtue, of solace, of law
A misguided result of life once so raw
He rustled and turned but didn’t fight back
Genuine judgment is what he’d soon lack
“What do they think” was his main concern
To accept their flaw he would never learn
To accept his own was out of the question
Mind incapable of learning a lesson

A role model is the last thing I need
A new trend is what you’re hoping to breed
Your actions bore me like a catholic mass
You came from nowhere so you’ll be gone fast


from Admission Of Guilt, released March 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Infernal Diatribe Dover, New Hampshire

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